Guillaume Delagnes (*1996), also known as Deudeu, is a french graphic designer focused on type design and branding.

After graduating, taking part in many internships, his first job at The Relay Room as a type designer and while he is a member of the Fraude creative collective he founded in 2021 El Faboloso Grafikbüro.

The Büro accepts all sorts of commissions, ranging from state-of-the-art, type-focused branding to paradigm-shifting editorial content with an emphasis on motorsport, food and all industries often forgotten by graphic design.
In case you didn't noticed already from the bottom banner, "we" also run a shop, selling beautifully-crafted and utterly refined fonts.

The Büro itself is an advanced creative lab, consisting in whichever 16" MacBook Pro-fitting rectangle is the closest to its founder. It could easily become a nomad, globetrotting operation but, to be honest, the Büro has mostly been located on a desk in Deudeu's room so far.

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